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Digital Maketing vs Traditional Marketing

For some brands, especially the well-settled ones with an enormous offline audience, traditional marketing might be too expensive and for many small businesses that are trying to make a fix line on a tight budget, digital marketing can prove to be a savior.Learn Digital Marketing to boost up your business.


Which is why many new as well as old businesses are adapting the age of digital marketing and rethinking their marketing stratergies.

Here are some quick reasons why everyone is shifting digitally:

1st. Availablility

While tradional market have a boundation of timing, place as well as visit, there are no such boundation in digital marketing. Anyone can can operate from anywhere 24*7, even while travelling. There is no need to visit offline. A client can reach to your brand anytime and look into it which gives him full freedom to utilize, freedom to select, freedom to think and then act. This is the major merit of DIGITAL MARKETING.

2ND.Wider reach

Digital marketing has global reach. It is available worldwide. A person can operate his business even if he is miles away from his actual shop. Digital marketing allows you to target a wider audience range as around the whole world has access to the internet. This allows you to communicate with your international target audience too. Unlike traditional marketing, where you are limited to only precise your audience in your geographical area.


3rd.Pocket Friendly

One of the biggest merits of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Online  marketing helps you save money and acquire more leads. With traditional marketing stratergies, it’s difficult for small to medium sized businesses to compete with larger brands. So, most digital marketing channels tend to be low costly from the starting and prevent overspending on underperforming stratergies. In 2021, you need the best marketing stratergies


4th. Target The Right Audience

Digital marketing never lets your services get wasted because it will only reach to the precised and targeted audience. Also , with digital marketing businesses can identify the right audience at the right time. The traditional way of marketing used the “Spray And Pray” stratergy in which the ads reaches to every person , even to one who is not looking for it, only a very few targeted people gets to see the ad whereas marketing with digital channels makes sure that the ad only goes to those who are looking for it.


5th. Accurately measure all the details

With offline marketing, it is difficult to measure the results of your marketing techniques. For example, if you place an ad in a newspaper and on a hoarding simultaneously, you can’t know exactly how many people reached to the newspaper ad or how many viewed the hoarding ad. However, digital marketing does not have such problems. In fact, in digital marketing, you can measure every little detail you want to know. From when the ad is clicked to when did the visitor leaves the page. Everything! You are able to know how many people viewed your ad, how many sales came from the ad


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