NEW YEAR 2022 and it’s Resolution

new year resolution

Hello friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from MCEI (Mittal computer education industry). I hope this New Year brings new dreams, new days, new desires and new way to build up your future. May be nights are going to be dark but days of 2022 are going to be happy, full of lights  and make  bright  your career.

Everyone deserves the knowledge and MCEI will open the book of knowledge now you have to decide either grasps the words from this book or close the book. But friends it’s time to celebrate our new year.


Some of the people know about resolution but some aren’t. So, RESOLUTION means a promise to yourself to do or not do something. It would be like you can resolving to do better next year or it may be start drinking less or moderate or it can be anything.  In my opinion, every person takes a resolution on new year eve.


For students – resolution should be like to make a career and try to stop thinking and start to take actions to fulfill their dreams. I’m going to tell you One of the  best method to fulfill your ambition and literally its work once you should try this that is start writing your dream, ambition on papers and paste these papers on your daily visiting areas of home like bed,  wardrobe, walls, washroom, kitchen , on refrigerator or any other area where you mostly going in your house. Because of this paper you will never forget your dreams and this writing dreams always motivates you and turn towards our ambition.


As you all know that in every field computer is very important or essential.There is no need of chemistry physics in any field but if we talk about computer then computer knowledge is mandatory in every company.

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