Most Important Computer Courses

Today we are going to discuss about the two Most Important Computer Courses  , CCC and O LEVEL. These two courses ,nowdays are becoming vital for applying in government sector. Lets get a detailed knowledge of what these courses are about :

ccc and o level


This course is designed to provide a basic IT literacy program to a person. This course helps you to learn basic knowledge about computers, which solves the problem of computer illiteracy. After your completion of this course, you can easily handle a basic computer and can run it efficeintly. This course teaches to how to email,  how to use the internet, how to make business letter and access some small database. This course helps housewives or business communities to keep up their small accounts updated using any public computer too and can able to enjoy the facilities of IT. specialized professionals in computer technology such as software designers and programmers of any organization relying heavily on computers and having basic or advanced knowledge of computer technology can have a number of advantages for your career.


O level

NIELIT ‘O’ level course of DOEACC Scheme is equivalent to a Foundation Level Course in Computer ApplicationsStudents acquire this qualification by undergoing this course and passing the examination conducted by NIELIT. After completion of ‘O’ Level course, students can further enroll for next level IT course of NIELIT ‘A’ level. The course conducts in the month of January and July every year. Its objective is to enable a student to acquire the knowledge relating to fundamentals of Information Technology (IT Tools and Business Systems, Internet Technology and Web design, Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language, Application of .


Benefits of these courses :

  • Candidates who successfully completed NIELIT ‘O’ Level certification are eligible for the employment opportunities under Central Governmentas well as State Government too.
  • Most professions are related to computers for a variety of reasons, but being a computer technology specialist can open opportunities for technical jobs, such as a computer programmer, technician, software development engineer, and server analyst
  • ‘O’ level certification is also one of the criteria of eligibility for registration in employment exchanges for job assistance.

Now after getting these knowledge why are you waiting ? You can get some amazing experience quickly by enrolling in one of our CCC or O LEVEL training classes. It will be worth it for the amount  of new jobs you’ll be able to apply to.




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