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Python is a high level and multi-paradigm programming language designed by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, having all the features as conventional programming languages such as C, C++ and Java have. It is an Object-Oriented, High-Level multi-paradigm programming language with dynamic features. It is one of the fastest growing languages and has undergone a successful span of more than 25 years as far as its adoption is concerned.

The reason behind the immense popularity of python programming language across the globe is the features it provides. Have a look at the features of this language.

  • It Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms
  • It Has Large Set Of Library and Tools
  • Has a Vast Community Support
  • It is Designed For Better Code Readability
  • Contains Fewer Lines Of Codes
Use Of Python :
  • Website programming development
  • Desktop application development
  • GUI application development
  • Writing system administration software
  • Used as the scripting language for SIMP, blender, open office etc
  • Use of python in software testing
Scope of Python :

It was initially designed as a beneficiary to BC programming language. After writing the interpreter, Van Rossum made the code public in Feburary 1991. However, at present the open source programming language is being achieved by the python software foundation. Python, though a newer entrant in the fray, has gained importance than other programming languages and holds a lot of promise for developers. Apart from being an open source programming language, it is also one of the most versatile programming languages.  developers use it extensively for application development and system development programming. Also, reduced coding effort and better test performance ensure better programming. Hence, python developers are very much in demand.

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