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Digital Marketing Classes In Agra. Management Tools or software have always been magnificent time-saving, cost-saving, labor-saving and potentially effective resources in every industry. In the digital world, the prominence of ‘tools’ or ‘software’ gets bigger as they are specifically built for accomplishing certain goals.

There are many companies and agencies which use Excel sheet to manage their imperative project. Therefore, they don’t get expected results and has to compromise with their goals.

Discover 10 best project management tools that can organize your entire workflow effectively and allow you to focus more on branding and promotion of the business.


Digital Marketing Classes In Agra & HARVEST

If you are looking for an efficient time tracking tool and harvest can be an optimum choice. It offers timesheet and invoicing features.

If you manage your time, then your business can produce the desired results without any hindrances.

Top features:

  1. An easy and insightful user interface.
  2. Also create and send precise invoices online.
  3. Clear institutions for project with strong reporting.
  4. You can easy track time and expenses



Trello is high performance task management that allows teams to see tasks and everyday assignments on a dashboard looking like cardboard. It’s a true value product for team.

Trello has a variety of work and personal uses including real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, gaming and law office case management.


Top Features:

  1. Great task management tool.
  2. Makes numerous task lists.
  3. Does task organization and filtration by date or priority.



There are a few common departments in every company, for instance, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and Project Management. Zoho Projects is one of a kind of tool that provides features to manage all such workflows from one single destination.

The focus of Zoho Corporation lies in web-based business tools and information technology solutions, including an office tools suite, internet of things management platform, and a suite of IT management software. Using this tool, creative teams and companies can easily track progress and manage communication while working on a project.


Top Features:

  1. Able to track the time in which particular projects/milestones complete
  2. Public and personal project chat rooms
  3. Employees log billable and non-billable hours are available.



Hub Planner is a project management tool made to help project managers to create a successful plan and schedule the time of team across numerous projects.

The user interface is highly functional and overall tool offers effective time management feature. We make every effort to create intuitive features with great usability backed up by modern design standards. We want you to feel that your business tools can be just as nice to use as your personal tools.


Top Features:

  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Team dashboard & project reports
  • Flexible workflow with admin approvals
  • Hub planner is built around the mindset that the resource comes first, not the project.

Digital Marketing Classes In Agra & REDMINE

Redmine is an online, free, and open-source project management tool. It is made to help teams in running numerous projects and subprojects smoothly.

Also, redmine allows users to manage multiple projects and associated subprojects. It features per project wikis and forums, time tracking, and flexible, role-based access control. Also, includes a calendar and Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.


Top Features:

  • Gantt chart and calendar helps to plan the project in a better way
  • Centralized files and documents
  • Project estimation management becomes easy.
  • Also includes the issue tracking system.
  • And, Allow user self-registration.
  • Allows tracking of multiple projects.


Microsoft Project is an ultimate product offered by company Microsoft. Currently, the tool is serving over 20 million users for project management, portfolio management, and resource management.

It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.


Top features:

  • Organizes project scheduling & costing.
  • Also, Offers business intelligence and Reporting.
  • Time-savvy built-in project templates.
  • Each resource can have its own calendar.



As a team, you always want to keep things simple, organized and controlled. Basecamp is a project management tool that offers teams to establish effective communication and task management.

It privately held American web Application Company.


Top features:

  • Assign ongoing tasks to numerous people
  • A chat function to communicate with the team in a better way
  • It is fully organized and controlled.


ProofHub is a customized project management solution for growing organization or team. The tool has users like Disney, Netflix, NASA, Taco Bell and more.


Top features:

  • Ultimately controls projects and time collaboration system
  • Better work satisfaction
  • And, tools like NASA, Netflix etc.



Asana, as the name suggest combines all features of project management and establishes an effective collaboration to help teams for better managing of projects.

Digital Marketing Course. It is a software-as-a-service designed to improve team collaboration and work management. It helps teams manage projects and tasks in one tool.

“Asana simplifies team-based work management”.


Top features:

  • Easy communicate between teams
  • Also, Handles projects where multiple users, tasks, and subtasks are altogether
  • Custom calendars and views for better scheduling
  • This allows customers or third party developers.


Digital Marketing Classes In Agra & FUNCTION POINT

Creative agencies, there is a piece of good news for you. And if you’re looking for a highly effective and dedicated tool that manages your works your tasks, Function Point could be the best choice.

A function point is unit of measurement to express the amount of business functionality an information system provides to a user.

It’s a one-stop solution that enables teams to gain better visibility into projects and budgets.


Top features:

  • Workflow approval and file sharing features available.
  • And, To express the amount of business functionality.
  • Also, Function point is highly correlated to lines of code.

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