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Best AutoCAD Training In Agra is a three-dimensional CAD software which is used by commercially across the world. Developed by Autodesk in the year 1982. AutoCAD Training is also available as a mobile and web app which is marketed as AutoCAD 360. AutoCAD Training offers an exclusive range of commands and functions both for 3D and 2D modeling and drawing with an amazing set of tools. 3D is all about the third Z coordinate.

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Technology has made it possible to link our imagination a bit closer to the reality and it can be done by 3D Modeling, printing, rendering and more. There is a huge number of software available in the market that offers the users to bring their imagination into reality. Some of the software is freeware while some are priced.  The created object is called a 3D model.

With every update and with continuous new discoveries, people are more attracted towards the technology that is offering them to make and create designs. 3D is a boost for all the interior designers, architects who can design life-like models of any building, office or any exterior with some interiors as well like furniture, walls, show pieces and more. In 3D, the correct use of coordinates can substantially accelerate our work.


One of the easiest ways to use transparency in your drawings is to apply a transparency value to an entire layer or layers. Once set, all of the objects on the layer will maintain the same transparency value unless manually changed in the properties tab.  If a correct layers application is fundamental in 2D, in 3D it assumes extreme importance.

Best AutoCAD Training In Agra Transparency

Transparency effects can be used to enhance your drawings in a variety of ways, for example, by making a hatch transparent you are able to show objects that may otherwise be hidden below the hatch. Transparency, as a property for layers or for objects, has been available since Version 2011. Besides its utility for layers, it can also be applied directly to objects. For instance, we may have a layer called 3D-SLAB and just want to see through the upper slab.


Another recent improvement in AutoCAD is the ability to hide or to isolate objects without changing layer properties.

We select the objects to hide or to isolate (all objects not selected are hidden) and right-click on them. On the cursor menu, we choose Isolate and then:

  • Isolate Objects: All objects not selected are invisible, using the ISOLATE OBJECTS command
  • Hide Objects: The selected objects are invisible, using the HIDE OBJECTScommand
  • End Object Isolation: All objects are turned on, using the UNISOLATE OBJECTS

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