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Best Animation Coaching In Agra. Designing, drawing, making layouts and preparation of photographic sequences which are integrated in the multimedia and gaming products. It is the illusion of movement created by showing a series of still pictures in rapid succession. In the world of computers, graphics software used to create this effect. It is the capturing of sequential, static images—drawings or photos of inanimate objects—and playing them in rapid succession to  real world motion. Animation on computers is one of the chief ingredients of multimedia presentations. There are many software applications that enable you to create animations that you can display on a computer monitor.

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Our animation and visual effects courses are designed so that you can start with the basics and go on to learn everything that you need to turn your passion into a career. Best of all, you can complete our VFX and animation courses immediately after your 12th and get a bachelor’s degree in animation making sure you can kick-start your dream career right away.

With MCEI visual effects become a part of the aggressively growing VFX industry that plays a crucial role in almost every movie these days. The demand for trained professionals in Visual Effects is growing at a fast pace. It is the creation of environment and characters in real-life, which are difficult or impossible to create in real life. Designed to ensure that you become an expert in the field of special effects, this unique VFX course at MCEI gives you an insight into an authentic studio environment. It is a professional course designed to train you in latest visual effects software and techniques that are extensively used in film making. With the growing demand of VFX in movies, scope of skilled professionals in this field is immense.

Every student needs a good start to make a career in creative arts. Our 3D animation course will give every enthusiast opportunity to dive head-first into the flourishing world of animation for films and TV. Our VFX course is a hybrid of traditional and digital art, right from foundation to specialization. Some of our students get the opportunity to work on live projects with specialized artists from our concern, which is one of the top commercial studios creating 3D animation and visual effects in India.

Best Animation Coaching In Agra Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Advance Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Permier
  • Maya
  • 3D Max
  • Fusion
  • Real Flow
  • Nuke
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Mocha

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