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Certificate In .NET


  Introduction to .Net Framework 3.5
  Getting started with Visual Basic 2008
  Understanding Object Oriented Concept
  Working with Windows forms
  Working with Windows controls
  Introduction to Windows Presentation   Foundation (WPF)
  Windows Workflow Foundation
  Working with ADO.Net
  Working with LINQ
  Deploying a VB.Net Application
  Web Service and WCF services


  Introducing .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio
  Introducing C# Programming Essentials
  Working with Control Statements and Exception Handling
  Introducing Object-Oriented     Programming Constructs
  Programming with Windows Forms   Controls
  Working with Windows Forms Menus, Toolbars, and Dialog Controls
  Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML
  ADO.NET and Data Binding
  C# Delegates, Events and Lambdas
  Introduction to Language-Integrated Query
  Dynamic Programming
  Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation
  Working with Web and WCF Services


  Introducing Visual Studio
  Web Application in ASP.NET
  Standard Controls
  Navigation Controls, Validation   Controls
  Login & Web Parts Controls
  Database Controls
  Dynamic Data Controls
  Master Pages and Themes
  Introducing ASP.NET AJAX
  Introducing Language-Integrated   Query
  Working with Silver light Applications
  Windows Presentation Foundation
  Web, WCF, and Cloud Service
  Introduction to MVC
  Web Application Deployment

Course Duration :  4.5 months
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